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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Use CGDI MB to Add A Key to Benz W211

Car model: Benz W211
Process: Copy Key With Key

Connect CGDI MB with the vehicle via OBD, open the door and keep the vehicle voltage stable stay 12V.

Run CGDI-MB software and click ” Read EIS Data”

Read data successfully, the related information shown

Click “Compute password” -> choose” copy key with key” -> “Collect Data”

Choose “other keys” Click ''ok''

Step 1: please insert the key into EIS and click ok

Step 2: please insert the key into the CGMB device and click ok

collecting the key data

Step 3: Finish Key collection, please insert the key into EIS and click ok

please wait 9 seconds

please pull out the key from the EIS, and then click ok

Step 4: please insert the key into the EIS again and click ok

Step 5: Pull out the key for 5 seconds, then insert the EIS, then click ok

Step 6: please insert the key into the CG-MB device again and click ok

Collect successfully, save data, default file name

Save the file successfully, click ok

Click '' Upload Data ''

Open the file saved just now in last step

Upload data successfully

Click ”Query Result” and wait

Computing success, click ok

Copy password

Click “EIS” and paste the password

Save EIS data

Click “Generate EE” -> “Load EIS file” just saved

Check the information and click “Generate key file”

Generated file successfully and save the file

Click “Read/ write Key”

Put into new key

Show key information after reading

Click “Reset” and then click OK

Click “open/write” please pay attention to the note

Choose one unused key data

write success

Insert the new key into EIS and start

Read EIS again, and you could notice that the car key NO. which choose before is used. And the can start the ignition, add a key for W211 successfully!

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

How to active CGDI BMW 2.2.2 Automatically?

CGDI BMW V2.2.2 update Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction.

1. Click the orange icon shown as blow.

Also, from the above picture, you can see CGDI BMW V2.2.2 add more comparing the older version:
1) BMW F series coding, restore coding and backup coding.
2). Add BMW EGS function.
3). Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature.
4). Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction.
5. DEM wiring diagram optimization provides the full-screen display.
6. BMW OBD key matching and FEM/BDC compatible small screen display.
7. Modify CAS4 key whether display error.
8. Other bugs fix. 

2. Click on "Update authorization".

3. Authorize successfully.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

CGDI MB Replace ELV Simulator Step-by-Step Guide

After connected CGDI MB with car via OBD, turn to CGDI-MB software and click Read EIS Data

Click “Computer Password” -> “Collect Data”

Steps on collecting password:
Upload data
Query results
And then copy the key password

Back to “EIS” and pasta the key password which copied just now

Click “Save EIS Data”

Connect the simulator and clip the K-line

Click “ELV” -> “Simulator”

After that, a window will appear.
Click “Read” and the simulator key information will display

Click “Erase”

Load the EIS data saved before and check whether the key password is correct

Click “Write”

Write ELV successfully, please insert key into EIS and switch ignition on for activation

Actual operation

Read simulator again, show activated, match successfully!

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