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Friday, December 21, 2018

"CGDI BMW 21E1 FEM BDC version does not support" error Solution

Analyze why CGDI BMW key programmer prompts "21E1 FEM BDC version does not support, please upgrade FEM/BDC first " when you use it to program FEM /BDC key via OBD, and How to solved in step by step procedure (with images).

Because some BMW F series with FEM / BDC Immobilizer system has higher or lower firmware version, the user will get message "21E1 FEM BDC version does not support, please upgrade FEM BDC first " when using CGDI BMW to program key via OBD. then many users tend to think their FEM/BDC is not supported by CGDI BMW and miss the chance to earn money. In the following parts, I will show you how to solve this problem.

How to solve?
The solution is offered by engineer:
  1. Make sure the BMW car has full voltage, use the OBDII cable to connect CGDI BMWto the BMW.

  1. Select "FEM / BDC key Match", then you may get prompt "FEM/BDC version is not supported, please upgrade FEM/BDC first".

  1. Turn on ignition switch and let the door open, select "F /G series program".

Select "2 . FEM _Body", then "Begin Program".

  1. Turn on ignition switch and let the door open, select "F /G series coding".

Select "2 . FEM _Body", then "Coding".

  1. The system prompt that all are fine, just follow the on-screen instruction to operate.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

CGDI BMW program FEM BDC successfully with 8-Foot Chip Adapter

This is my working desk, you can see one 8-Foot Chip Adapter is plugged to CGDI BMW which is plugged to a computer, also CGDI BMW is connected to a BMW FEM /BDC test Platform which is connected to FEM /BDC immobilizer module. 

Generally speaking, I need:

One 8-Foot Chip Adapter


One BMW FEM /BDC test Platform (used to test if FEM/BDC immobilizer system is good or bad)

One blank key

Since this tool is easy to use, what you need to do is read the on-screen message and follow it to do. so I didn't take many photos here, but only two ones here.

Image 1: all are fine.

Image 2: Read out password, ISN, Key Sync Code, DME ISN.

Monday, December 10, 2018

How to use CGDI MB to write the original key through the NEC adapter?

How to use CGDI MB to write the original key through the NEC adapter?

Here we go for procedure.

Please insert the key into CG-MB device

Click ''Read key/chip'" and get related key information.

Disassemble the key, take the chip out, and solder it to the NEC adapter.

Click on "Read key /chip" and view related information.

Reset and erase new key

Click open/write, please do by following the on-screen instructions.

Choose一unused key position data,click and open it.

Write success fully.

Take the chip out, weld NEC adapter back the key, get on the car.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Use CG-Pro and CGDI MB to Match New Key for Benz W639

Car model: Benz W639
Program: Match the new key

Take down lock, check the number

EIS related chip

Run CG-Pro software and enter into the related operation interface

View wiring diagram

Connect CG-Pro with EIS

Read data successfully and save it

Run CG-MB software, Load the data saved by CG-Pro just now

Load EIS data successfully, show the password directly

Save EIS data, please default the file name

Go to “Generate EE”, load the EIS data just saved

Load successfully, please check whether all information is correct

Click ”Generate key file”, please wait...

Key file generated successfully, please save data file

Go to “Read key”

Insert new key into CGDI MB

Click read, show related information

Click write, please note the prompt, Click ok

Choose unused key data file, click and open it

Write success, put EIS back, then just get on car to learning it

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OBDSTAR release a new key programmer for Opel: OBDSTAR H111
Mart tool key programmer is specially for Land Rover and Jaguar KVM Keys
VIDENT is a new diagnostic tools brand

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

User Review: CGDI Prog MB Reset Original Key NEC V57 Chip

One CGDI MB User share his test video to us about how to reset the original key NEC V57 chip.
First comes the video test:

Process how to reset original Mercedes Benz key v57 version
1.  open the key and desolder the nec chip to plate

2.  see on nec chip with version it is and choose it in cgdi nec adapter option

3.  read out the original data with CGDI MB

4.  press reset and wait until it show success!!!

5.  solder chip back to key pcb and mount the key back.

6.  test read out over obd port.

ssid ,position, available times, times used should be rosette to zero data

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